Fiat Avventura Urban Cross

We love our old Fiat. It has strong memories. In India, we miss our old Fiat Padmini, the baby of the legendary Fiat and the Indian giant of yesteryears –Padmini Motors.

As a sign of respect to the old Fiat, comes out the Fiat Avventura Urban Cross. As we all have felt, Fiat has been missing from the Indian space for quite some time. We are hoping this car brings them back in the fold. Fiat really deserves it; they’ve been working hard.

Well, in the term of looks, Fiat has gone for a similar look. The last car- The Avventura and the Avventura Urban Cross by Fiat have similar looks. Fiat has gone for familiarity in the design of the car. You may not see much of a difference. There is a bit of a difference. The Petrol Variant and Diesel variant have different wheel design. The Diesel variant has a lighter color version than the petrol. It is a small addition but looks quite conspicuous while looking at the car.

There is the same old blast from the past. The Avventura Urban Cross has brought a wheel on the back- the rear wheel. It is rear mounted on the trunk. May be a bit of concern for a lot of regular travelers. It looks sturdy and different. It may have been a good idea to not have it on the back.

The Diesel variants are special in many ways. With the wheel design, there is also a special addition of having two sub variants, which are the Active, and another called Dynamic. Dynamic is a more rugged variant. It is meant for the rough terrains and off roadwork. Being a sturdy car, the Dynamic is less on the comfort features.

The Diesel variant may be different but it does disappoint on one front- safety. Missing front airbags, you feel there is something compromised. You would want a protected front especially in such a car meant for long travels. It is a must have which you will miss out on Diesel variants of this car.

One thing that is a pleasure to all is that finally an automated car system is installed. Fiat has been missing one and a lot of consumers have been asking for it for quite a few years. It was on everyone’s mind and we finally have been rewarded. Patient always wins, as they say. There have been a few complaints with the USB/Bluetooth feature as noticed and it seems the hardware is not compatible to a few phone models. These quirks need to be fixed post purchase and can really not make some customers happy.

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